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Welcome to the Cody Records Online Prairie Dog Town! Roll your mouse over a hole to pick your destination.

Lots of new stuff coming your way via Cody Records, thanks in part to some help from our furry little friends.

It's been over ten years and the 2nd volume of Cody Records' compilation "not songs but anthems" is ready for your consumption. Yums! Not only are there your favorite Cody Record stand-bys but plenty of talent from all over the good ole' U. S of A aimed to set your pants on fire. Did we mention it's free? That's right. Put away your check books and take a economical sigh of relief.


Here's how it's set up. We got some more stuff on the way and some of it is free. Expect to find some older treasures re-issued and newer releases set to explode in your ear.

Just imagine a very, very, very, very itsy bitsy praire dog laced up and already swinging climbing into your ear canal and dropping some major bee stings on your ear drums. Descriptive enough for you?

But we don't want to fight you. We want to give you the golden gloves of our heart. Tell us what you think at our facebook page.