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the chaffin-poelings
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The Chaffin-Poelings are from the city of Lubbock, Texas.-a dry fly place in the texas panhandle. They are individually known as Steven Drew Chaffin-Poeling and Melanie Aprille Chaffin-Poeling. They are a happily married duo that enjoys creating sweet simple songs.
They have played in alot of beautiful places in the United States of America.
The Chaffin-Poelings released their 1st album, "Sovereignty" in the summer of 2002. A second, self-titled album was released in the summer of 2003.
The two also play in an instrumental collaboration by the name of Davy. Davy will also be releasing a new long awaited album soon.
Steven has had the privilage for many well known bands and song writers while keeping his hands dirty over the years with such musical projects as: Francis H., They who shall not be reckoned with, and steven drew poeling & the jay Rs.
Melanie also was a member of "They who shall not be reckoned with" and fox fifty five.
Currently the couple are making way for the birth of their first child, which will be a beautiful girl. So, more than likely you will not be seeing them playing any shows for a while. But two more CDs are in the works. So hang on tight.
Below you will find two songs available to you that come from the album "Sovereignty" We hope that you will enjoy them.


The Chaffin-Poelings' sound can easily be called some kind of new wave mountain music meets james brown, but of course what's easy about that? who likes stereotyping music anways? but incase you might, well then: the Chaffin-Poelings are a post-punk two piece with music that is comparable to: Smog, Palace, Caliexico, and the Misfits meet Hank Williams.   ..something like that.

who they've played with:
Dennis Driscoll (K records)
Age of Giants (albq, NM)
Goldstar (bellingham, WA)
Thick (amarillo, TX)
Your heart broke (bellingham, TX)
The Causey Way (w/ J.R.s)
This bike is a pipe bomb (w/J.R.s)
The Dismemberment Plan (w/ J.R.s)
Crooked Fingers (w / J.R.s)
Pansy Division (w / They who shall not be reckoned with)
Elliot Smith (w / Francis h.)
The softies (w / Francis h.)
The cold cold hearts (w / Francis h.)
....and many more.

free music

the bear vs. the lion

so hard it's soft