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Out Now! The Chaffin-Poeling's "Songs for Magnolia". Simple sweet songs from the west Texas duo. We are really happy that this finally bloomed into the album you see here. Thanks to Carson Elliott who created the beautiful cover painting.

You can find "Songs for Magnolia" on CDBaby, Itunes, Amazon, Spotify and plenty of other places across the internet. You could even buy a copy from the Chaffin-Poelings themselves as they plan to head out for some upcoming shows.


It's been over ten years and the 2nd volume of Cody Records' compilation "not songs but anthems" is ready for your consumption. Yums! Not only are there your favorite Cody Record stand-bys but plenty of talent from all over the good ole' U. S of A aimed to set your pants on fire. Did we mention it's free? That's right. Put away your check books and take a economical sigh of relief.